With this video series, even simple layman without any technical knowledge can learn tips on cyber safety and cybersecurity in no time. We have tried our best to incorporate the videos which are simple, clear and easy to understand.

They’re called ATM skimmers: devices so small that they can’t be seen, but can steal your debit and credit card information without you even knowing it. You are in Delhi and the card is in your pocket and you will get a text message that a transaction has been done in the US, and your bank account is debited by a huge amount. This video reveals how this works – and what you need to do to avoid being ripped off.

Ever worried that why is your Wi-Fi working slow? Wondering who else is connected to your Wi-Fi connection without your authorization? ‘Fing’ app is used to check that who has hacked into your Wi-Fi without your knowledge and consent.’ Fing’ is a great app when you need to find the IP address of a device on your network and also block it. A must recommended app for your mobile phones.