19 Nov

This is a real worrisome situation that the cybercrime is on the rise like never before and cyber security has taken the back seat.

E-mail Hacking, Fake Facebook profiles, surreptitiously recorded MMS, Phishing pages, Hidden cams, unsecured Wi-Fis & routers, Online banking frauds, ATM frauds, Social networking sites addiction, Identity theft, Ransomware etc. are creating havoc in personal lives.

People are becoming a soft target for hackers as they are using more and more technology without proper safety measures of cyber security.

We cannot cyber secure ourselves till we know the ways we can become victims of the cyber crime. It is just like thinking like a thief to take safety measures to avoid thefts.

It means that cyber crime comes first and cyber security later. Here are some basic points to know the ways we can become a victim of cyber crime.

Ten ways in which you can become a victim of cyber crime

  1. Many of you go to a cyber café or at some public place and use your pen drive to get printouts or any for another purpose. But you don’t know that the data on your pen drive can get copied to the hard disk of the computer (where you attach the pen drive) without your knowledge and consent.
  2. By installing keystroke recording software on the computer someone can steal the password and access your e-mail account. It can lead to sending objectionable e-mails from your e-mail account to your contacts or other persons.
  3. In the same manner, someone can steal the password of your social networking account. This can result in sending objectionable comments to your friends or upload unpleasant photographs.
  4. It is possible that you click on a link that is sent to you by some unknown person through e-mail or in a chat window. It can spread a virus type program that can infect your computer and record all your passwords and steal other information. That information can be misused and can cause mental stress and monetary loss to you.
  5. If you do not secure your Wi-Fi modem password and it is captured by a hacker, the following can happen:
      • Somebody can connect to your internet connection
      • May stop your modem so that the internet does not work
      • He/she can even watch all of your online activities
  1. When you open your e-mail account or social networking site on some computer other than yours,  the web page could be a fake page (phishing page). It can lead to the recording of the username and password which you have entered on that page.
  2. If you are using a webcam, that webcam can be hacked. It is possible that somebody can be watching you through your webcam. It is also possible that webcam is taking pictures/recording videos without your knowledge and those are being sent to the hacker.
  3. While using the ATM card, the card data and password could be recorded and the card can be cloned.
  4. While surfing the web, if you think some website is not safe and carries doubtful contents, don’t open it. Opening such a website could transfer and install spy software on your computer which in turn can steal information from your computer.
  5. Sometimes you install a software like game or freeware which you have got from an unknown source. It can result in installation of the spy software which will take control of your computer. It will steal your personal information or simply harm the data on your computer.

So, friends, this is all about tips on how you can become a victim of cybercrime and how to cyber secure yourself.

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