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TCCS Computer Consultancy Is An Ace Professional Computer Consultancy In India.

We provide computer consultancy services for almost every field of computer. The computer being a technical field and booming industry it has great career opportunity. Students choosing this stream require specified educational assistance to build a strong base. We believe in supporting our students right from the beginning of course selection till assisting in career opportunities. TCCS setup twenty years back is a bench-marked organization involved in various computer affiliated activities.


What Services We Offer For You

Computer Training in Various Modules

We have a tie-up with YMCA, Chandigarh to train students in various computer courses. There are YMCAs in more than 119 countries, each serving the unique needs of their community.

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Website and App Development

We are presently living in the Digital Age and the Internet is quickly becoming the most effective medium which boosts the growth in visibility and profit maximization.

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Soft Skills Training

This is a fact that out of every 10,00,000 people, over 6,50,000 suffer from poor self-image. And eventually, die without fulfilling their dreams and achieving anything significant.

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Workshops on Cyber Security

All of us today have a parallel existence on the Internet. As we are becoming more cyber-savy everyday, we also become more cyber-endangered.

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Authoring of IT Books

We provide contents creation and author computer books for publishers. Till now, we have authored 125 computer books for schools and the general public, read by millions of students worldwide.

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VAPT stands for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing and these are security services which deals with identifying vulnerabilities in network, server and system infrastructure.

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IT Books Authored

10 Million +

Worldwide Readers

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Experience In Business Development

We are proud to say that we have a dedicated team of experienced and skilled trainers. Authoring IT books, Conducting workshops / seminars / webinars on various topics ranging from Cybersecurity / Ethical hacking to Coding and Soft skills in multiple schools / colleges and organizations is our forte. Our experience ranges from training five years old in coding to Indian Army personnel and their families in ‘Cybersecurity and Information protection’, in various part of our country.


Our Awesome Consultants



    What Our Client Says

    • Client Image

      It was our pleasure to have Arun Soni, as a guest speaker in one of our knowledge sharing sessions. Arun Soni has shared very good insights on the importance of Digital Evidence in cybersecurity. The session was very informative, insightful, and engaging. We look forward to more working with him. I highly recommend him.

      • Mohinee Singh
      • Relationship Manager at CyberFrat
    • Client Image

      I had the pleasure to host Mr. Arun for one of Internshala's Training webinar on 'how to start a career in Ethical Hacking'. The webinar was all about how a beginner can start a career in Cybersecurity, various concepts related to it, its scope, etc. I must say, Mr. Arun is an expert in this field and is a very dynamic and engaging speaker. The knowledge and message shared by him had a solid actionable insight not only for our students but for me too. The way he explained everything in so much detail could really tell how passionate he is about this field and to share his knowledge. Our audience found the session extremely informative and interactive.

      • Kuhuk Sharma
      • Software Engineer at Internshala
    • Client Image

      It is my immense pleasure to recommend the impeccable speaker, Mr. Arun Soni, who shared his valuable insights with us on Cybersecurity in a webinar on 17 October 2020. I, the Director/Principal of Ajanta Public School, a Microsoft Showcase, hosted a webinar which was presented by Mr. Soni. In the wake of COVID-19, schools have faced challenges in their transition to remote learning and have taken unprecedented measures. This Webinar is exactly what all schools direly need to combat the challenging situation. If I must mention, he is a considerate member who aims to work for the betterment of society.

      • Mr. Vaibhav Kapoor
      • Director/Principal of Ajanta Public School
    • Client Image

      Mr. Arun Soni is a cybercrime expert, an ethical hacker, and a wonderful speaker. He conducts workshops to spread awareness on cybersecurity. He conducted a meaningful and enriching session with our students from Thakur International school IGCSE and A-Levels. His method is simple to understand and easy for students to relate to. He also shared a very useful e-book with students 'Cyber Security and Awareness for citizens'. I highly recommend that everyone takes these sessions for students, parents, and their staff!

      • Dr. Shunila Joy Chauhan
      • Principal at Thakur International IGCSE and A levels , Global Goodwill Ambassador, Senior Educator INACE
    • Client Image

      Not many have the opportunity to interact with such an experienced person with a depth of knowledge and expertise. As a Cybersecurity expert, his knowledge in the field of cybersecurity helped us in understanding the need of staying safe and secure online to the greatest extent... He brought to light many points that are mostly ignored by the people while doing online transactions. He gives highly productive sessions where we all can benefit from his vast knowledge. I recommend people to attend his webinars and gain an understanding of Cybersecurity.

      • Meena Shahi
      • Director , Student Career Advisor and Recruiter at CAREERHUB EDU SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED
    • Client Image

      Have attended the session of Arun Sir with Sanjeevani World school. Very impressed with the way the entire session was conducted. Highly informative, crisp, and informative. Terrific learning. Highly recommended.

      • FACULTY
    • Client Image

      Have attended the session of Arun Sir with Maharaja Agarsain Public School. Very impressed with the way the entire session was conducted. Highly informative, crisp, and informative. Terrific learning. Highly recommended.

      • Yash Aggarwal
      • Student at Vaish College of Engg. Rohtak
    • Client Image

      Few people have the opportunity to work with someone ‘Ridiculously efficient’ like Arun Sir! I had the pleasure of working with Arun sir for one year collaborating on several projects. He is also a great author and limca book record holder having vast knowledge in the Cybersecurity field. All the best for future endeavors!

      • Anshuman
      • Realist & Offensive Security Researcher
    • Client Image

      Mr. Arun Soni conducted a Workshop on Cybersecurity late last year for AHPS Principals, Counsellors, and Teachers from across the country. It was a Training Program conducted by Bachpan Corporate Office. It was an impressively enlightening workshop where he elucidated the importance of Cybersecurity, how people hack phones, accounts, etc., that lead to invasion of privacy, theft of knowledge as well as finances, and last but not the least, loss of peace of mind. A highly productive session where all of us benefited with knowledge on how to keep our cyberspace safe. Very grateful to you Mr. Arun for a great workshop and a wonderful interaction we had post-session. All the best. We need to articulate people like you who can explain in an uncluttered and simple manner for the common man to understand.

      • Uma Devi Subraveti
      • Vice President R&D at Bachpan Foundation Delhi

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